In this section you will find all the main events and appointments organized by the Laus Plena Foundation, like CD presentations as well as celebrations or executions of sacred symphonies

09/09/2021 ©VN

Eucharistic Symphony by Fr Armando Pierucci in Budapest

Echaristic Symphony in Budapest on the occasion of the International Eucharistic Congress on 10 September 2021

The International Eucharistic Congress is taking place in Hungary these days; it will be concluded on Sunday 12 September 2021 by Pope Francis. On this occasion, exactly on September 10, 2021, at 7.30 pm, in the Main Concert Hall of the F. Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, the Eucharistic Symphony by P. Armando Pierucci will be performed.

17/03/2021 ©Di Gfuerst - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Concert "A Panorama of Syriac Traditions" directed by P. Gajuo

Geneva, 17 March 2021, 5 pm - St Peter's Cathedral: Concert "A Panorama of Syriac traditions". The Laus Plena Foundation is pleased to announce the concert "A Panorama of Syriac traditions", that will be held in the context of the Musicological Conference on the Syriac Musical Tradition (See separate article). The concert will be directed by the Syriac Music researcher Poles Gajuo, who is finalising his Master's Degree in Ethnomusicology at the Haute Ecole de Musique of Geneva (HEM), supported by the Foundation. Poles Gajuo has been teaching Syriac chants from the various Syriac traditions to the HEM students since September 2021.

18/02/2021 ©HEM-LPF

Online Musicological Conference & Concerts: The Syriac Musical Tradition - An Eastern Heritage, Exchanges & Influences

17-21 March 2021, Geneva (CH), Salle de la Bourse & around the globe - Online Musicological Conference & Concerts (join on

Sources & Developments, Characteristics; Exchanges & Influences between Traditions; Preservation and Heritage status

The event is organised by the Haute Ecole de Musique of Geneva and the Laus Plena Foundation.

17/10/2020 ©VN

The new Oratory of Fr. Armando Pierucci to Saint Michael in Jesi and Tolentino

Saturday 17 October 2020, 9 pm, Church of St Francis of Assisi, Jesi - Sunday 18 OCtober 2020, 4:30 pm, Tolentino (Abbadia di Fiastra): Oratorio S. Michele for soloists,choir and orchestra by Armando Pierucci, directed by Maurizio Petrolo. Many read in that chapter a very actual theme for our time: “A great sign appeared in the sky: a woman clothed with the sun, a crown of twelve stars on her head ... Then another sign appeared in the sky: a huge red dragon ... then a war started in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon ". This fight is so violent that, even if it is fought in the sky, its effects and tremors are felt also on earth.

29/08/2020 ©I luoghi del silenzio

Creazione di un nuovo centro di Musica Sacra a Sassoferrato (AN, I)

Sabato 29 agosto 2020, Convento di S. Maria della Pace, Sassoferrato - Incontro di riflessione e scambio per l’avvio delle attività di un nuovo Centro francescano dedicato alla Musica Sacra. P. Armando Pierucci e P. Filippo Venanzi hanno invitato a partecipare ad una riunione per fissare scopi e proposte di una nuova iniziativa a favore della Musica Sacra.

04/03/2020 ©VN

Concerto HIC Conflixere a Lucerna e Melide nella Quaresima 2020

Annullato (Covid-19) Melide, domenica 8 marzo 2020, Chiesa parocchiale, ore 17:00 - Lucerna, Franzirskanerkirche, 14 marzo 2020, ore 17: 30  -  In occasione della Quaresima 2020, Melide e Lucerna accolgono il concerto "Hic Mors et Vita conflixere" -  un estratto degli Uffici Vespertini e altri Uffici della Settimana Santa nella Basilica del Santo Sepolcro, Gerusalemme. Lo eseguirà il Coro San Bartolomeo (Brugherio, MI, I) diretto dal M° Raffaele Deluca, che nel 2018 ha partecipato alle liturgie dela Settimana Santa con il Coro della Custodia di Terra Santa, e nel 2019 si è esibito nella basilica inferiore di San Francesco in Assisi (I) con lo stesso programma.

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