The Foundation uses in particular the following means: 

  • Network of musical experts from all Churches and from various music conservatories;
  • Partnerships with Churches, music conservatories, institutions and individuals;
  • Publishing and management of sacred music scores, of teaching methodologies, researches and studies, recordings, etc., online or in printing, including the management of related intellectual property rights;
  • Training courses in sacred music;
  • Conferences and expert meetings, also open to the public;
  • Support to researches and collections in the context of sacred music;
  • A concert - event per year, to illustrate the Foundations’ activities.

The Foundation needs your support to accomplish its mission and scopes. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Donations on bank account at  UBS Switzerland AG in the  name of: Fondazione Laus Plena, Lugano.
The Foundation issues certificates of donation for tax deduction purposes.
Bank details. See below.