Study and Transmission


The Foundation aims at collecting and proposing, and where missing (for example where the transmission is made largely orally, according to the tradition, or without a systematic approach, as it is the case in some Eastern Churches), to elaborate with the best musicians and specialists of sacred music teaching methodologies and programmes to train liturgical operators or other interested persons.

Subsequently, the Foundation aims at making these methodologies and programmes available to public and private, secular and ecclesiastical institutions, who wish to receive them,  and which endeavour to teach sacred music. 

The Foundation also intends to support the concerned Churches, and to collaborate with the latter for the development of internal programmes for the transmission of their musical liturgical heritage. In fact, it is essential that the clergy itself receives an adequate preparation for the musical service in church.

Finally, the Foundation also wishes to encourage and to support programmes of individual communities and centres which want to teach and pass on the heritage of sacred music, and to ensure a careful and lively performance.

The Foundation needs your support to accomplish its mission and scopes. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Donations on bank account at  UBS Switzerland AG in the  name of: Fondazione Laus Plena, Lugano.
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