The Laus Plena Foundation’s purpose is to raise awareness, to encourage and to convene those who wish to work in the various contexts in which Christian sacred music resounds:  sacred music in all its dimensions, but especially in its elements of praise and prayer. The Foundation's first vocation is to encourage and valorise the singing of the congregation.

The purpose of the Foundation is a great one, because it regards all Christian Churches, particularly the Eastern Churches, which remained closer to the Christian origins.The Foundation has an essentially cultural scope, and aims at cooperating with experts and secular as well as ecclesiastical institutions, and at fostering cultural, artistic, scientific, study and research synergies among them, with the intent to remind and reveal the characteristics and the vocation of sacred music, as well as the richness and the interest of the different Christian traditions. The Foundation aims at creating a place of cultural dialogue and exchange between different ecclesial environments and realities and the secular world, and among the various ecclesial realities themselves. 

The action of the Foundation is foreseen mainly through three areas of activities: collecting the heritage of sacred music of all Christian Churches, in the dimensions set out above; the support for its study and its transmission; and the encouragement to a careful and dignified performance of this music. 

Finally, the Foundation intends to give particular attention to the Patriarchate of Jerusalem, a place of exchange and dialogue between the various traditions of sacred music par excellence.

La Chiesa Maronita

الاب دريد بربر يابستاني

The Foundation needs your support to accomplish its mission and scopes. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

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