The Foundation aims at becoming an artistic and cultural crossroad, a place of exchange and dialogue in the field of sacred music: between the secular and the ecclesiastical world, and between the various Churches. Although centered on Christian sacred music, the Foundation also wishes to be a place of exchange with the sacred music traditions of other religions, especially with the Jewish and Muslim world, where these have interacted with the Christian musical tradition.

The gap that has created in our time, especially in the West, with the secularization of the institutions, between the sacred and the profane, between civil society and the religious realities, is reflected in the fact that these two worlds now work independently, and are not connected, to the point of not knowing each other anymore. From a social point of view, the sacred has always interacted with public life, which precisely in the sacred context, has reached summits of art and culture. The gap between the two realities actually leads to a cultural and artistic impoverishment on both sides. The Foundation aims at reconciling these realities, promoting, proposing and supporting collaborations between secular institutions and ecclesial realities.

Among the various Churches, an effort for a cultural approach is just as necessary, in a sign of mutual understanding: In fact, following the historical divisions, the Christians know very little about each other, whereas all their heritage has common origins and purposes. The impoverishment resulting from it also has the sequel that it is more difficult to develop relationships of natural affection and esteem in the Christian family, the base for any peaceful and fruitful relation. 

Music, the universal language that communicates without words, is a privileged vehicle for exchange and dialogue.

The Foundation needs your support to accomplish its mission and scopes. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

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