San Michele - The new Oratorio composed by A. Pierucci

December 2019 - The Laus Plena Foundation publishes a new composition of A. Pierucci.

The musicians  who compose operas are rare today; even more rare are those who compose Oratories. This Oratory "San Michele" refers to the time, around 1563, when St Filippo Neri invited musicians to write “Laudi Spirituali”, to be performed in pious occasions: it was a music intended as a prayer.

We are all convinced that prayer is very much needed today. We have the impression that the forces of good and evil are dramatically facing each other, that a war is breaking out in the sky. Mary, the Woman crowned with twelve stars, and St Michael the Archangel are the protagonists on the side of Good; the dragon is the leader of those who no longer have a place in heaven. 

Here is the content of the Oratory: It is the song of chapter 12 of the Apocalypse and, as at the time of J. S. Bach, it invites the listeners to participate to this choral prayer.

 A. Pierucci

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