Concert "A Panorama of Syriac Traditions" directed by P. Gajuo

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Geneva, 17 March 2021, 5 pm - St Peter's Cathedral: Concert "A Panorama of Syriac traditions" (join on

The Laus Plena Foundation is pleased to announce the concert "A Panorama of Syriac traditions", that will be held in the context of the Musicological Conference on the Syriac Musical Tradition (See separate article). The concert will be directed by the Syriac Music researcher Poles Gajuo, who is finalising his Master's Degree in Ethnomusicology at the Haute Ecole de Musique of Geneva (HEM), supported by the Foundation. Poles Gajuo has been teaching Syriac chants from the various Syriac traditions to the HEM students since September 2021.


Direction : Jalal Polus Gajo

Choir and soloists: Rita Abihanna, Lucie André, Samir Atallah, Jeanne Bousquet, Servane Brochard, Marlène Chevalley Knoepfler, Vincent Chomienne, Boutros Daher, Melissa Jeanmaire, Véronique Nebel, Marie Orset, Elisabeth Peyer, Viola Pfister, Olivia Romanet, Chloé Roussel, Victoria Vichkutkina, Dyna Wahida, Marie Wahida, Carlo Yachouh.

Musicians: Carles Dorador I Jové (Oud), Julie Pascualena (Violon), Javier Eric Franco Zarate (Violoncelle), Basel Rajoub (Percussions), Fadi Wahida (Qanun)

Programme :

  1. Yawmon émar wo (Blessed are the children) (Syriac Western and eastern Catholic traditions, Palm Sunday) – Soloists: Samir Atallah and Carlo Yachouh
  2. Azʿéq ʿito (The Church acclaimed) (Chaldean tradition, Palm Sunday) – Soloists: Marie Wahida and Samir Atallah
  3. Choubho ltobo (Glory to God who is Good) (Syriac Catholic Western tradition, Vigil of Holy Monday) – Soloists: Carlo Yachouh and Samir Atallah
  4. Kefneth kmo zabnin (How many times have I been hungry!) (Syriac Orthodox and Catholic Western and Eastern traditions) – Soloists: Chloé Roussel and Carlo Yachouh
  5. Htho hatoyto (There was a sinful woman in the world) (Syriac Catholic Western tradition, Repentance) – Soloists: Olivia Romanet and Carlo Yachouh
  6. Ho qtilo bmesrén (The Passover lamb is slaughtered in Egypt) (Syriac Orthodox and Catholic Western and Eastern traditions, Holy Thursday) – Soloists: Marlène Chevalley, Marie Orset, Vincent Chomienne, Carlo Yachouh
  7. Rozli rozli émar moran (The Lord said: "My Mystery") (Syro-Malankar Orthodox tradition, Holy Thursday) – Soloist: Servane Brochard
  8. Pouqdan hands (A new commandment) (Syro-Malabar Catholic tradition, Holy Thursday) – Soloist: Chloé Roussel
  9. Fchito (Fawqal ʿoudi) (Simple (On the cross)) (Maronite tradition, Good Friday) – Soloist: Boutros Daher
  10. Qamat Maryam (Mary stood) (Maronite tradition, Good Friday) – Soloist: Boutros Daher
  11. Bgudo dzoqufé (In the middle of the crucifiers) (Syriac Orthodox and Catholic Western traditions, Good Friday) – Soloists: Olivia Romanet and Carlo Yachouh
  12. Soghdinan laslibo (We venerate the Cross) (Syriac Orthodox and Catholic Western and Eastern traditions, Good Friday) – Soloists: Samir Atallah and Carlo Yachouh
  13. Etʿir Adam (Wake up, Adam) (Chaldean tradition, Good Friday) – Soloists: Marie Wahida and Samir Atallah
  14. Woi lékh sehyoun (Woe to you, Zion) (Syro-Malankar Orthodox tradition, Good Friday) – Soloist: Servane Brochard
  15. Sléq laslibo (The Lord of Glory ascended to the cross) (Syriac Catholic Western tradition, Good Friday) – Soloist: Carlo Yachouh
  16. Hakes sliwa (Here is the wood of the Cross) (Syro-Malabar Catholic tradition, Good Friday) – Soloist: Vincent Chomienne
  17. Qamal laho (God is risen from his grave) (Maronite tradition, Resurrection) – Soloists: Melissa Jeanmaire and Boutros Daher
  18. Mariam koufil bouka (Mary, stop crying) (Maronite tradition, Resurrection) – Soloists: Melissa Jeanmaire, Boutros Daher, Carlo Yachouh
  19. Baqyomteh dmalko mchiho (Through the resurrection of Christ the King) (Syriac Catholic Western and Eastern traditions, Resurrection) – Soloist: Samir Atallah
  20. O gannana (O gardener) (Chaldean tradition, Resurrection) – Soloists: Marie Wahida and Samir Atallah
  21. Ho qom léh qṭilo mén qabro (Behold, He who was killed is risen from the grave) (Syriac Catholic Eastern tradition, Resurrection) – Soloists: Marie Orset and Samir Atallah




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