Coptic Music Roots and Characteristics - by Prof. Michael Henein

Coptic Music Roots and Characteristics - by Prof. Michael Henein

The Coptic music is of Egyptian origin. Coptic music has Pharaonic roots, but is not solely Pharaonic. Coptic music enjoys specific characteristics which distinguish it from other Arabic music or regional music.

برنامج بصمة اعداد وتقديم يوسف متي المؤتمر الدولى الحادي عشر للدراسات القبطية الجزء الثالث

Many researchers including Western analysts have studied Coptic music, and most of them confirmed that it is different in its essence, form and scales from Arabic music taught and studied in the Institutes of Music either in Egypt or elsewhere. Some of the Coptic scales have common traits with old Mediterranean music, but is unique in that it does not keep the same scale for long and tends to move between scales. Endings and speed of Coptic musical phrases are also different from Arabic music. The same piece of Coptic music played slowly stirs up a feeling of sadness and melancholy, yet when played with a faster tempo it inspires gladness and joy.

Discover the characteristics of Coptic Music presented by Prof. Michael Henein, published on the website of the St Kyrel Trust, and in the related video interview.

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