Pubblication of the conclusions of the Musicological Conference on Syriac traditions


Pubblication of the conclusions of the Musicological Conference on Syriac Traditions 

Following the "Musicological Conference on Syriac Musical Traditions" organized by the Foundation with the Haute Ecole de Musique of Geneva (HEM) in March 2021, the organizers are preparing, in 2022, to publish the presentations made by the various lecturers, among which Dr. Sebastian Brock, Oxfors (UK), the most well-known specialist of Syriac culture, Nuri Iskandar,  former president of the Conservatory of Aleppo, and many other specialists of Syriac musical traditions in their various expressions.

The conclusions of the presentation of the Syriac researcher Poles Gajuo, which the Foundation supports in its studies at the HEM, “A comparative analysis of the Mosul, Baghdida (Qaraqosh) and Bartella Syriac Catholic Musical Traditions for Holy Week: Interactions and Influences”, is now available on the Foundation's website (section "Scientifc articles").

We also published on the Foundations’s website the scientific conclusions of the Musicological Conference on Syriac Musical Traditions (“Final Statement of works”), which comprise the many proposals made by the experts to conserve, transmit, perform the Syriac musical traditions.

Among those proposals, a dedicated site will be created by the HEM to serve as an academic crossroad for ongoing research within the various Syriac Catholic, Orthodox, Indian, Maronite, Chaldean, Assyrian, traditions, and sub-traditions. 

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